The tale of the anti-Semitic Santa

A few days ago a graphic was posted on ‘The Daily Blog’ entitled ‘Don’t forget to feed Christmas.’ Beside a grotesque Santa Claus image the text read, “Remember to support the banks and corporations this Christmas in their continued efforts to enslave mankind, by spending money you haven’t got on things you don’t need.”


This Graphic appeared on the Daily Blog. It has appeared with various modifications on many websites recently

It was most likely intended as a satire on the rampant consumerism of Christmas. The Daily Blog is edited by Martyn Bradbury, a left-wing commentator in New Zealand, and publishes contributions from a number of left and labour-movement-aligned writers.

There was a major problem with this post, however: the evil Santa Claus in the image had some of the standard features of classic anti-Semitic caricature: the hooked nose, the greedy hand-rubbing, even the hair has recognisable payot sidelocks characteristic of Hasidic Jewish tradition.

Now, you may not recognise all or any of this in the picture; there was some discussion of these elements on Twitter when the image first appeared on the blog, whether they were even there, and whether they constituted anti-Semitism. Could not the nose be construed as a ‘witch’s nose’? I, for one, missed the payot sidelocks until it was pointed out to me.

And taken separately, it could be argued that none of these features necessarily indicates an anti-Semitic caricature. To be sure, not every picture of a person rubbing their hands is anti-Semitic. But taken together, and in connection with further clues in the text, in particular the idea of bankers ‘enslaving mankind,’  the character of the graphic is unmistakable. This is an image designed to promote one of the time-worn themes of anti-Semitic propaganda: the hoax of the conspiracy of Jewish bankers (and merchants) plotting to take over the world.

If you still think this seems somewhat cryptic, you are right. A good deal of the communication of anti-Semitic ideas takes place through just such veiled clues, codes and symbols.  The rightist US politician Patrick Buchanan, for example, doesn’t talk about ‘the Jewish banking cabal’ directly – perhaps in order to evade anti-discrimination legislation – but rather refers to “the money boys up in New York, people with names like Goldstein and Rosenberg.”  His audience knows very well who he is talking about.

There is one further clue as to the real meaning of the image, and that is the seemingly out-of-place ‘eye of providence’ symbol on the santa’s hat. This symbol, which appears on the reverse of the US dollar bill, has long been a favourite reference-point for right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Cartoon from anti-Semitic German newspaper Der Sturmer, Christmas 1929, urging people not to buy from Jewish shops.  The caption includes "..." Our people hung their Christ on the cross, and we do a great business on his birthday..."

Cartoon from anti-Semitic German newspaper Der Sturmer, Christmas 1929, urging people not to buy from Jewish shops. The caption includes “…” Our people hung their Christ on the cross, and we do a great business on his birthday…”

One of the contributors to the Twitter discussion found this parallel example from an anti-Semitic newspaper in Germany at Christmas time 1929. The similarity of the message is striking: rich Jewish merchants sniggering, “Our people hung their Christ on the cross, and we do a great business on his birthday…”  The image can be found on the Wikipedia page on anti-Semitism.  Another found an extremely offensive anti-Semitic website where a version of the same image was used in a post entitled “The Jewish attack on Christmas.”

I can easily imagine the person who posted this image on the Daily Blog doing so unaware of the anti-Semitic connotations. However, they are much easier to see when they have been pointed out and this additional circumstantial evidence presented. One would think that the mistake would be recognised and the image removed. Various people drew the attention of the blog’s editor, Martyn Bradbury, to this evidence and asked him to remove it.

Instead, Martyn Bradbury opted to claim that “the meme was an anti-capitalism Christmas satire, and certainly wasn’t an anti-Semitism statement” and to blame the individuals who had drawn it to his attention for making accusations that he (Bradbury) was anti-Semitic. (In fact, none of them had said this). In the comments section of that post, Bradbury refused to allow critics of the image to post comments, (I know this because I tried to post one, making some of the points in this article, and it was not allowed) while allowing a highly offensive – but supportive of Bradbury – comment to be published.

This refusal to recognise and correct a mistake sets in motion a very dangerous logic. What started as a simple mistake now leads Bradbury to lean on support from highly dubious quarters, if the offensive comment is any indication.

Yes, the image was anti-capitalist. But fascists in their incipient stage are also anti-capitalist – Hitler called his party National Socialist for a reason. Fascists take the anti-capitalist sentiment generated by the economic crisis, particularly among small proprietors who are being crushed by debts, they identify with it, and then misdirect it against the ‘Jewish banking cabal,’ among other scapegoats.

Anti-Semitism is divisive, oppressive, and highly offensive in itself. It is also frequently an element in these fascist currents which will increasingly emerge as the crisis deepens. Defenders of the working class need to recognise this scourge for what it is, whenever it raises its ugly head.

Update:   As I was about to post this, I saw that Martyn Bradbury has withdrawn the post where he defended the content of the anti-Semitic graphic, and apologised to those who called it to his attention. This is to be welcomed – it goes a long way toward correcting the error. I have left my post unaltered for the general points on anti-Semitism and the threat from the ultra-right.

12 responses to “The tale of the anti-Semitic Santa

  1. James, after spending WAY too much time researching this, I think the original image is a 1991 painting by German caricaturist Stephen Kruger called ‘Weih-Mann’ (or Christ-Man), an evil Santa with Shylock features and a little halo. It began as satire (you can still buy it as a Christmas card!) but the original image has been appropriated and modified by anti-Semites, Illuminati nuts and even stoners.

    The Daily Blog version is from an Illuminati website which has removed the halo, added the Eye of Providence to Santa’s hat, and overlaid a large url and the quote. This is the version being paraded on Whale Oil and Kiwiblog, although The Daily Blog version didn’t have the Illuminati url, which made it look marginally less wacko.

    I hope this has been helpful.

  2. Thanks for doing the research, Grant. I tried to research it myself, but got lost in the multiple modifications of the original. The modifications of the image, and the text of course, certainly make it much more explicitly anti-Semitic than the original.

    • Thanks for the link. Someone gave me a verbal description of this yesterday, but I hadn’t seen the actual image. The implication is that almost the entire exploiting class is Jewish – a classic anti-Semitic lie. Quite recent, too. If it happens again, after the latest discussion, one must assume that it is being done knowingly.

    • One other thing I was taught in the last few days was that in Chrome you can right-click on an image and ‘Search Google for this image’. I just did that with this image – What an enormous pile of filth it led me to…

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  4. Good for you to mention the censorship of people in this category. After PM Harper of Canada said that undue criticism of Israel was anti-Semitic, the answer was an array of articles saying “Harper is wrong, it is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel”, one even going so far as to say “it is not anti-Semitic to single out Israel.”

    The cowards permitted me to post until it became clear that I was pointing out that many anti-Zionists want all Jews shot. That, one gathers, was impermissible speech in Canada.

    • Here is one of the articles.

      It seemed quite odd that Mr. Mastracci, a journalism student, would engage in censorship, but that is precisely what he did, something they all tend to do. My response was ultimately simply to remark that his acts made him appear to be a cowardly poltroon. Even if only you & he know that, that does sting. In the end, murder is a cowardly act in so many ways.

      • Thanks for your comments, Roxanne. My own opinion is that the government of Israel should be criticised, along with the United States, New Zealand (where I live), Canada, France, etc – all the imperialist countries. They are all enemies of working people, of all nationalities. However, I agree with you that the campaign to single out Israel as a pariah nation, worse than the rest, using the analogy with apartheid South Africa, is misguided, and, as you point out, sometimes leads into anti-Semitism. My impression is that Hamas and the other bourgeois Arab regimes are the worst offenders in this respect, pressing an anti-Semitic campaign under the cover of defending the Palestinians and opposing Zionism. It seems many supporters of Palestinian rights fail to notice this. Apart from anything else, it cuts them off from the really interesting political discussions going on within Israel right now among Jews, Arabs, and others, such as over the question of the African refugees.

  5. What is the problem here? Are bankers and merchants mostly Jewish? Is Christmas the most insane spending time of year for the citizenry in which they get in debt slavery? It’s amazing how truth offends the Jew. Why is that?

    • To answer your questions in a different order: “Is Christmas the most insane spending time of year for the citizenry in which they get in debt slavery?” Absolutely it is!

      “Are bankers and merchants mostly Jewish?” Absolutely not! The vast majority of the big bankers and merchants in the world are, for historical reasons, Christians of European descent, just like the rest of the big bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries. Their nationality is American, British, German, French, Russian etc, as well as some Japanese, Chinese and others. If you include the small money-lenders and merchants of the world, the proportion who are Jews becomes infinitesimally small.

      “What is the problem here?” The problem is precisely this mis-identification of ‘bankers and merchants’ with ‘Jews’, which you reproduce in your comment. In times of social crisis the capitalist class, which is actually responsible for the crisis, seeks to deflect the anger of the debt slaves and all the oppressed and exploited away from themselves and towards scapegoats. The Jews have been a convenient scapegoat for centuries in Europe.

      Two ‘problems’ occur if they succeed in their scapegoating of the Jews: firstly, Jews are subjected to discrimination and murderous persecution, such as happened in the holocaust of the 20th century. Secondly, the capitalist class is let off the hook. After the holocaust the true exploiters of the impoverished debt-slaves of Germany, the big capitalists of Germany, France, the United States and the United Kingdom, managed to live another day, rose again out of the blood and ashes of Europe’s devastation, and imposed anew their system of exploitation and oppression.

      Anti-Semitic prejudice and myths are not ‘truth,’ no matter how often they get repeated.

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