A fine mixture of gross hypocrisy and brutality

So the Parole Board in its infinite wisdom and mercy has decided not to grant a release on parole to Teina Pora.

By now there seem to be very few people who still seriously believe that Teina Pora actually committed the rape and murder for which he has spent the last 20 years in jail. Many looked to the Parole Board to release Pora on this occasion, his twelfth application for parole, at least to prevent any further continuation of the injustice that has already been done. It was not to be.

With a pompous hypocrisy and brutality that matches the rest of this sordid twenty-year tale of bourgeois ‘justice,’ they decided that Pora ‘had failed to show he could be trusted in the community.’  The alleged offence: that on a recent spell of home leave, he had ‘associated with a known criminal’ and ‘visited a prostitute.’ This man has been cut off from all sexual and social contact with anyone other than his fellow prisoners – whom the Parole Board haughtily condemns as ‘known criminals’ – for the last twenty years! What other friends do they expect him to ‘associate with’ socially on his release – his jailers, perhaps?

Despite the public pressure that is building for the ‘justice’ system to recognise the injustice that has occurred and release Pora, the Parole Board has weighed this against their fundamental role in the system of bourgeois ‘justice,’ namely, to demand abject submission from a prisoner as the price of release.  They clearly decided that the most important consideration was to ram home to Pora and every other victim of capitalist injustice the message: once they get you behind bars you must abandon all hope.

This injustice must be fought.

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